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Timber Wolf | TW 3403AS 09350

Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 3/4" x 93-1/2", 3 TPI

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Timber Wolf makes the world's only thin-kerf, low tension, silicon steel bandsaw blades that will outlast your old carbon steel blades by a mile! Your bandsaw will cut better and faster, with less wear on bearings, shafts and tires. Tooth angles and gullet symmetries, combined with a unique set pattern, create a blade that is everything a wood-cutting blade was meant to be.

This TPC (Thin Positive Claw) blade is unique in the fact that it is only .025 thick with a unique set pattern. This blade also utilizes the unique geometry of our PC tooth. The total overall kerf is .048. This blade is specifically designed for straight-line veneer cutting. When you are resawing very expensive woods that are thick and you want as thin a kerf as possible, a super finish, and you are not concerned with speed, this is the blade for you.

High silicon, low carbide steel
Runs cooler and lasts longer
Ideal for resawing thick stock
Runs under low tension which requires less horsepower
Thin kerf